Annual General Meeting

The Dereel Community Hub Inc. (DCHI) will hold their Annual General Meeting on Monday 8th March at 7pm in the Dereel Soldier’s Memorial Hall. We welcome new members, so if you are new to Dereel or you have lived here a long time, please get in touch. Numbers will be limited due to COVID-19 requirements, but we will set up a Zoom connection for those who can’t be present. RSVP details are at the bottom of this post.

DCHI is a community group formed by people living in Dereel to provide the following services:

  • a community body to provide public liability insurance for community events and community interest groups such as the Community Gardening Group, the Art In Dereel group and the Journaling Group
  • Hub Cafe (currently on hold due to COVID-19 regulations and Integrated Living booking policy)
  • the Dereel Spokes newsletter (currently on hold due to the Community Centre being closed in 2020, and no community events to report on)
  • a community body to apply for and auspice grants for community projects
  • the auspicing body for the Community Planning projects using Seed Funding from GPS Council. (See what was achieved with the previous round of Seed Funding here)

Please Note: If we are to continue to perform these functions we need more active members. We also need new members to commit to office bearing roles as our previous Secretary, Assistant Secretary and Treasurer have moved away from Dereel, or advised us they have other commitments. These roles are being filled on a temporary basis until the AGM.

Now that the Community Centre is opening up, we can begin to explore options for 2021. If we are to do this, we need your help. Contact details below.

The DCHI guidelines and membership form provide further information about DCHI, and you can view precious editions of Dereel Spokes on our website.

Due to COVID-19 and the Integrated Living requirements for maximum numbers in booked spaces, we need to know prior to the event if you will be attending the meeting. Please RSVP by email to and specify if you would like to attend in person, or would like to participate via Zoom.

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