How Do We Do Community in 2021?


Whether you are a new resident in Dereel, or have lived here for years, you probably have your own ideas on what you would like to see happen locally. We want to hear them!

In 2021 our not-for-profit community group, the Dereel Community Hub Inc. (DCHI) will be actively seeking new people and new ideas. Some of our community members have moved away from Dereel, and others are refocusing their priorities. Integrated Living (the organisation which manages our community buildings) have advised us that we can apply to use the community buildings again. Some new rules apply so it is time to start afresh. So, how do we do community in 2021?

What does DCHI do?

DCHI formed to make it easier for local people to form interest groups (art, gardening, etc) and share skills to work on community projects and events. Our primary role has been to:

  • provide public liability insurance cover for community interest groups and community events
  • apply for, and auspice, community grants for local projects, including Community Planning

DCCI is an inclusive group open to everyone living in Dereel and surrounding areas. If you are interested in joining us, or finding out more, please contact Lisa Hunter on 0414 895 020 or

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