Have Your Say while Enjoying Barista-Made Coffee

Dereel is about to begin a new 3 year Community Planning cycle. At Hub Cafe, open between 2pm and 4pm at the Dereel Soldier’s Memorial Hall, 14 Swamp Road, Dereel, we will have forms you can complete to tell us your opinions.

What is Community Planning?

The idea behind Community Planning is that money spent by the Council in Dereel is on things the community actually want and will support. This process begins with the community sharing ideas on what they would like to see happening in Dereel. The most supported projects can be written into a plan, taken to the Golden Plains Council for approval and then worked on by community volunteers. The Golden Plains Shire provide $7,500 in SEED Funding if the plan is approved.

Where do we start?

The first step is to find out what people who live in Dereel would like to happen in Dereel. Today at Hub Cafe we have some paper forms you can use to write your ideas down. Ideas will be collected, and then we will announce a process where the community can be involved in working out which of the ideas will be in this current plan. Usually this process includes working out which projects will attract volunteers to work on them, which projects fit with the culture of Dereel, which projects can be achieved with the SEED funding, and other related considerations.

Who does this Community Planning?

The previous 3 year cycle was managed by Dereel Community Hub Inc. (DCHI) who also run Hub Cafe and produce the Dereel Spokes newsletter. You can see what was achieved last time here. DCHI is a local independent community groups, and all of our members live in Dereel and immediate surrounding communities.

DCHI will be seeking people to help to develop the Community Plan, and to work on the projects, once they are decided. So, if you have been waiting for a reason to get involved in the community, this may be your time to shine! For everyone, this is your chance to start the conversation on ideas you think are important.

How to Get In Touch

If you can’t make it to the Hub Cafe today, please email us with your suggestions: dereelspokes@gmail.com

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