The Dereel Community Plan


Tomorrow, Pam Bailey will present the Dereel Community Plan, launched on 20 August,  to the Golden Plains Shire Council. The presentation is to seek approval for the plan and to formalise funding for the  proposed seven projects. The seven projects were determined by the community planning process including the Vision Workshop and the Seed Funding workshop.

Project teams to turn each project into a reality will be formed shortly, so if you have an interest in any of them, please let us know.  Team members can contribute in a range of ways, depending on time and skills. So, if you can contribute 2 hours work, or with a range of ideas on how we can get to the next stage, we’d love to hear from you.

The presentation documents can be viewed here:

Dereel Community Plan Document: community-plan-final
Presentation Slides: dereel-community-plan-show


Details of the projects are as follows:

1. Community Garden

Design and development of a Community Garden at the Hall in Dereel was the most voted project. This project includes the associated infrastructure to support seasonal planting and self sufficiency –for example, a garden shed for tool storage, a green house for propagation, compost bins, and more.

Also included are a number of different types of garden, including a garden containing plants native to our area, a herb garden and food gardens. It is envisaged the garden projects will beautify the whole site and provide social and educational
opportunities for all. The wider community will benefit from the food garden produce, enabling easier access to fresh, healthy local food.

SEED funding allocated to this project: $500

2. Dereel Community Space

Many ideas were received relating to different kinds of recreation and use of the public space around the community centre buildings. This project aims to continue to improve and develop public and recreational areas in and around the Dereel Community Space.

SEED funding allocated to this project: $2000

3. Pop-up Shops

Community suggestions for local markets and shops were plentiful, with no clear outcomes. This project aims to explore options which will enable the development of weekend pop-up shops; buy swap sell stalls; a kiosk/general store/post office and
potentially stock feed.

SEED funding allocated to this project: $1000

4. Art Spaces

This project aims to foster the exploration and development of local Art Space. This can include displays, exhibitions, use of an area for a studio, weekend workshops, art classes and community created projects such as a mural.

SEED funding allocated to this project: $1000

5. Knowledge Sharing

The primary focus of this project is to increase local knowledge, capacity, sharing and resilience through developing opportunities for classes and ongoing learning. This is a broad project which can include a community skills library, resource sharing programs, bushfire safety and preparation programs, a range of introductory information sessions, children’s service and supports along with youth tuition and mentoring programs.

SEED funding allocated to this project: $1000

6. Develop Swamp/Lagoon Area

Ongoing interest in developing the swamp/lagoon area to enable overnight camping, picnics, walking and bike riding to enjoy the natural environment. This would involve creating a track around the swamp, improving signage, and establishing information about local species of flora and fauna to foster ecotourism opportunities.

SEED funding allocated to this project: $1000

7. Maps, Signage and Brochures

Dereel has a rich history and an environment which includes rare species of flora and fauna. This project focuses on the development of new maps, signage and brochures designed to provide information about our heritage, ecology and geology. Signage will include markers for walks around the area. Information includes a local history museum space and publications.

SEED funding allocated to this project: $1000

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