Imagine Dereel

The Vision workshop, held on Saturday 23 July, was a great opportunity for us to reflect on what is great about living in Dereel and imagine the best of how our community could be in the future.
Participants spent two hours discussing a wide range of topics to flesh out a future vision for Dereel.

The following statement sums up our aspirations for Dereel:

Imagine Dereel

Dereel is a tranquil township with a vibrant, connected community where all are welcome and friends are drawn together.

The public area is the heart of our community, a lively social hub where we meet, share, learn and create.We cooperate across the community to bring together our diverse skills and ways of seeing things. We make the most of the buildings and grounds, through a variety of activities, events and services to support our diverse interests and needs. The public grounds reflect our love of the tranquility of Dereel and its abundant natural beauty. Our community culture provides a safe,supportive environment where we feel at ease being ourselves.

There were many fantastic and practical ideas discussed. All of these focused on how to move towards the above vision. Suggestions covered a broad range of areas including what we can do to bring community together and build the required infrastructure to support this.

Collected ideas from this discussion and from the community survey will now be put together into a first draft of the Dereel Community Plan. The Community Plan outlines priorities for the next three years. The community planning team will meet on Saturday 6 August from 1pm to 3pm to prepare this draft. It will be ready to share with the broader community at the Seed Funding workshop.

If you are interested in community planning, feel free to join us on 6th August at the Dereel Community Centre. The next general public event will be the Seed Funding workshop on Saturday 20 August, where we review the proposed plan and agree on how to allocate council funding that is available to the community.


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