Becoming a Member of DCHI

To serve as a hub to strengthen the community of Dereel and surrounds through cooperation

Our success in accomplishing this Mission depends on the active contribution of DCHI members.  DCHI proudly encourages all members to actively support each other in building the community we want to be part of. Members decide the direction we take, the events we host, and the policies we operate by. Members volunteer time and energy to deliver our services, to promote our activities, and enjoy this experience together. DCHI is cooperatively owned, guided and run by all of its members.

DCHI members commit to support the Mission of strengthening community through cooperation.  In all interactions relating to the association, we commit to upholding our Values:

Creative Freedom – each is a creative agent deserving acceptance and support to fulfil their own being
According to Need – take only what is needed to bring the most benefit where the need is greatest
Open Hand, Open Mind – welcome without prejudice, share openly and listen to each other
Appreciation – make the best of what there is, enjoy its abundance
Constant Refinement – accept and analyse what is, learn and grow from its experience

Membership is open to anyone in the community who wants to help us deliver on our Mission, in a way that upholds our Values.  To apply for membership, fill out a membership application form and submit it to or bring it along to the next Hub Cafe on every Saturday from 12-2 pm or our General Meetings which occur fortnightly.  Our next General Meeting will be held on Monday 30th November at 7:30pm in the Dereel Community Centre kitchen. Membership joining fees are by donation.  You are encouraged to pay $10 or as much as you can afford.

Membership Application

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