Dereel Community Hub Inc.

To serve as a hub to strengthen the community of Dereel and surrounds through cooperation

Dereel Community Hub was informally launched at a public meeting on 5th May 2015 and officially incorporated on 14th July 2015.  From the outset we agreed on a long-term strategy of two complementary operations; a cooperative business enterprise and a social enterprise.StrategyMap 1v0

Our initial focus is to establish and develop a self-sustaining social enterprise.  The benefits of membership are:

Collective Ownership – active contribution, direction setting
Accessible Resources – information, meeting space, equipment
Rewarding Experiences – casual events, information sessions, major events
Nurturing Environment – supportive culture, care for community space

The aim is to make the benefits of membership accessible to anyone, to be as inclusive as possible.  For example, we have a policy of funding by donation so that people aren’t economically excluded.  Guide pricing and fees are given that members and others are encouraged to pay if they can afford it, otherwise to pay what they can afford.  This is because we recognise that the energy and passion of active participation is the most valuable gift that members can contribute.

Our longer term goal is to establish and develop a viable cooperative business enterprise to generate greater funds for social projects and to further build community self-sufficiency and resilience.

3 responses to “Dereel Community Hub Inc.”

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