Spring Festival: Call for Presenters and Art Registration Forms

The date for expressions of interest for the Dereel and Surrounds Spring Festival has been extended until Monday 28th September.  Along with Market Stall Holders, we welcome expressions of interest from local community groups, artists and individuals interested in presenting a half hour demonstration on the day of the Festival.

Call for Individual Presenters

Can you make mud bricks? Do you know about keeping livestock? Is your vegetable garden overflowing with beautiful produce?  Do you know about our local environment?

If you have a skill you can share with the community, we would love you to get in touch with us now!  We want to schedule a program of half hour talks and demonstrations throughout the day of the Dereel and Surrounds Spring Festival.  The key is to choose something you’re passionate about. Share your knowledge and find like-minded people in the community.  As a guide, last year we ran introductory information sessions on gardening, decoupage, keeping a creative writing journal, keeping poultry, spinning, culinary herbs, maintaining pumps, coffee, and more.

If you’re not sure, just ask us and we’re happy to talk through your ideas.  Contact Lisa Hunter on 5346 1439 or LisaHunter@bigpond.com

Community Groups

If you belong to a local community group and you still haven’t lodged your Expression of Interest form, there’s still time to be involved.  Set up an information stand or hold a market stall to raise funds for your group.

The form is available Community Group Expression of Interest form:

Art Display Registration

If you’re a local artist, participate in the Art Display.  Participate for fun, or to sell your artwork.

Note that the return address on the bottom of the Art Registration Form states Box 14 Dereel Hall.  This has caused confusion, so please address your Art Registration Form to 14 Swamp Road Dereel, 3352.  Here is the amended form: Art Display Registration Form

Market Stall Holders

If you would like to apply to hold a market stall, complete this form and return it to us as soon as possible.  The closing date is now Monday 28 September.  Note that preference will be given to local stall holders, and we try to avoid having more than one stallholder selling similar goods.

Here is the application form Dereel Spring Festival Market Site Application- Form-15-DCHI

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