Meet Elizabeth Roberts, Dereel’s New Community Development Officer

Elizabeth Roberts is the new Dereel Community Development Officer.

Ballarat Community Health will have an ongoing presence in Dereel, for two days each week. Elizabeth Roberts, or Liz as she has introduced herself to us, will be based at the Dereel Community Centre on Tuesdays and Fridays from 10am to 4pm. If you voted at the Dereel Hall on election day, you may have met Liz on your way out of the venue.

As the Dereel Community Development Officer, Liz is keen to meet with locals and to find out what local people feel would benefit Dereel. This could be activities, programs or services.

Here is some information Liz has provided to introduce herself to the Dereel Community.

Liz Roberts is the new Dereel Community Development Officer.

Contact Elizabeth Roberts

Contact Liz by phone or email to book an appointment, or simply to chat about an idea for Dereel.

Phone: 0491 085 342

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