Vale Theo Teklenburg

Theo Teklenburg

Members of Dereel Community Hub Inc. and the Dereel community were saddened to learn of the death of Theo Teklenburg last week.

Theo was an active member of the community and a founding member of Dereel Community Hub Inc. (DCHI). Theo brought his expertise in finance and working as a longstanding member of other community groups in helping DCHI to form in 2015.

Sharon Bowman, Theo’s daughter, said that her father was the eldest of 8, and was born in Eindhoven, The Netherlands 23 August 1936. The family came to Australia in 1956 During his life, he was involved with the Lions Club, many school committees and Save the Children, among others. She recalls that he took his community work very seriously, even resisting going to hospital when he had a major heart attack because he was due at a Save the Children meeting.

Theo died at home on 17th May 2022. He will be greatly missed

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