Dereel CFA Brigade Update: Planned Burn

Dereel Fire Brigade Logo
Dereel Fire Brigade Logo

Dereel Fire Brigade Captain Robert Hill has advised the community of details related to the planned burn bounded by Swanson Road, Swamp Road and Rokewood Junction Road which was originally planned for Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th April.

This planned burn will now take place on Friday 30th April and Saturday 1st May.

This change is due to a slower than predicted weather pattern. This along with last night’s light rain has left moisture levels at 50% and above, which means there is no hope of maintaining any burn in the fuel load.

The planned burn should commence at approximately midday on Friday.

To help those with concerns, there are plans for a community information desk and contact officer to be located at the Dereel Community Centre and Dereel Soldier’s Memorial Hall on both of these days. The information desk will provide a single point of contact for community members to receive answers and information about the burn whilst safely remaining away from the burn area.

The Dereel Fire Brigade will place Facebook notices about the burn, so please follow their Facebook page. The local roadside display signs have been changed to reflect the new dates.

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