UPDATE: Dereel Community Centre Management

New Information:

This meeting is intended to be for those people who are genuinely interested in being one of the people who volunteer to form a new group to manage the Dereel Community Centre and Dereel Soldier’s Memorial Hall. Brodie Marston has advised that the integratedliving COVID safe plan will be observed, which means there will be a 19 person limit on the size of the meeting.

If you genuinely want to find out more about volunteering to be part of the management group, please RSVP to Brodie Marston directly by emailing him: Brodie Marston brodie.marston@gplains.vic.gov.au

Original post is below:

A public meeting has been called by Brodie Marston. Acting Coordinator Recreation & Community Facilities with the Golden Plains Shire Council to discuss the management of the Dereel Community Centre.

This is an initial meeting between Council and interested community members following an enquiry about the management of the Dereel Community Centre. No decisions have been made at this time. The meeting will be between the community and key stakeholders to determine if there is any interest from the community to manage the Dereel Community Centre through a new group. If so, to discuss what the responsibilities would be and then decide whether an opportunity exists to have a new group take on management once Integrated Living’s agreement expires in June.

If you would like to attend the meeting, it will be held at the Dereel Soldier’s Memorial Hall, 14 Swamp Road Dereel, on Tuesday 4th May at 7pm.

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