Bushfire Recovery Session


This article was published in the Community Planning print edition of Dereel Spokes.  A link to the recording of the session is included below.

A Bushfire Recovery Community Information session was held in Dereel on Tuesday 26th June. This session was a follow up from the effects of the 2013 bushfires. Nineteen community members attended the session.

Guest speaker Dr. Rob Gordon, who is a clinical psychologist, had visited the community previously in 2014. Rob discussed the ongoing impacts of bushfires and the recovery process, focusing on community growth through recovery and the importance of continuing to talk through experiences.  The discussion was followed by hot food and drinks, which was funded by the Buninyong Community Bank as part of their ongoing support to the Dereel Community.

Randall Dreger (Branch Manager) and Ian Corcoran (Board Member) represented the Buninyong Community Bank, and Matthew Sims and Belinda Hynes represented Golden Plains Shire. The event was organised by Lucy Osmond, Dereel Wellbeing Officer, and funded by DELWP (funding held by the Shire) as part of the recovery funding from the 2013 bushfires.

If you missed the session a live audio recording can be accessed here:

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