Facilitated Community Planning Meeting

Golden Plains Shire has now transferred $7500.00 to the Dereel community, for projects considered important by the Dereel community. The SEED funding is allocated to the entire community, not to a specific group within Dereel.  All members of the Dereel community are invited to attend a Community Planning meeting facilitated by Nicole Langtip on Tuesday 1st August at 7pm in the Dereel Community Centre kitchen to discuss how to allocate the money.

Do you have a view on what the rules for using the funds should be? Is there a specific project you would like to see funded?  If so, now is the time to get involved.

In addition to the Community Planning SEED funding, the Dereel Community Hub Inc. with the assistance of BDNH were successful in obtaining a second Golden Plains Shire Community grant of $2905.00 toward Dereel Community Spaces.

The Community Planning meeting is open for all members of the community to be involved, so please come and have your say.

When: Tuesday 1st August at 7pm

Where: Dereel Community Centre kitchen

Who: All members of the Dereel Community are invited to attend.



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