Community Plan Update

The Dereel Community Plan 2016-2019 has been developed in consultation with the community. It identifies the areas of focus for the next few years to best serve the needs of the community of Dereel. The community planning process belongs to the entire community of Dereel and everyone is welcome to provide their views and be involved in the decision-making process.

As we move into the implementation phase, we need input from the community to define a policy for engaging local service providers in delivering aspects of the plan. The policy must guide our decision making considering such factors as:

  • What goods or services can be paid for by Community Planning funds?
  • How do we ensure the vital volunteer services are not devalued or discouraged?
  • How should potential issues of financial inequity between volunteer and local commercial services be addressed?
  • What differences (if any) in tendering services should be applied to local vs non-local providers?
  • What other factors should be considered?

Please provide any thoughts or input you have on this matter by Friday 21st July. A draft policy will be created from this input and published for further review.

If you would like to discuss this face to face, please come to our next Dereel Community Hub Meeting on Monday 17th July at 7:30 pm in the Dereel Community Centre kitchen.  Everyone is welcome.



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