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folding-the-March-issue-of Dereel-Spokes
folding-the-March-issue-of Dereel-Spokes
Folding the March issue of Dereel Spokes.

DCHI events and projects are run by a small but dedicated team of people. We have so many interesting things we would like to do for the Dereel community, and not enough people to put them in place.  Sometimes, keeping our regular activities going is a challenge if our team members have family or work commitments.  We have our own personal interests too.

So, if you appreciate the Dereel Spokes newsletter, the Hub Café on Saturday afternoons, the seven Community Planning projects getting underway and the support DCHI can give to other local interest groups, we need you to show your support through actions.

Hub Cafe is run by volunteers as DCHI’s primary fundraising activity. It also provides a safe place for locals to meet and chat on Saturday afternoons.

Helping and volunteering doesn’t necessarily mean coming to meetings. It might be doing one or more of the following things, some of which can be done from your own home:

  • writing an article for the newsletter
  • conducting Dereel People interviews
  • helping to fold or deliver the newsletters
  • helping with free activities for the community on Hub Café Saturdays
  • Putting your name on a list of relief helpers who can step in if a regular volunteer has other commitments
  • contributing knowledge and skills to a specific project
  • monitoring opportunities for grants
  • writing grant applications
  • getting quotes for materials required for one of the community planning projects

There are many other ways to help as well, so if you have a suggestion for another way you can help, we are open to all ideas.

Spring Festival Volunteers

The fate of the Spring Festival depends on how many new volunteers are willing to contribute their time and skills.

If you would like to help:

If you would like to work out how you can help, please come to a meeting at the Dereel Community Centre on Monday 24th April at 7:30 pm. If you would like to help but can’t get to the meeting, please get in touch with us through one of the following methods:
Post:  PO Box 50, Rokewood, 3330
Phone:  5346 1439

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