Art In Dereel: What Inspires You?

Help us grow the arts community in Dereel. Begin with what inspires you.

Local artists and crafters interested in building an active arts community in Dereel, agreed to meet on the third Saturday of the month at the Community Centre. In the first of these gatherings we’ll discuss inspiration. What inspires you? How do you use this inspiration in your work?

The discussion starts at 1:30pm on Saturday 18th March in the meeting room. Bring something as a ‘show and tell’ – this could be your own work, or the work of another person. It can be in any medium and in any form of creative practice.  Our definition of art is broad and includes all forms of creativity including performance and creative writing. You can be a beginner or experienced—we want to explore new skills in creative workshops, so we will all be learners at various times.

We’ve set up a Facebook group where we can talk about the types of workshops we would like to do, opportunities to apply for grants to enable us to advanced the arts for all members of the community and generally to share other ideas for the face to face meetings.

Facebook Group: Art In Dereel
Next Meeting: 1:30pm on 18th March

Let’s create an environment for the arts to flourish!

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