Seeding Dereel

Seeding Dereel

Are you interested in growing and sharing food? Whether you are inexperienced or have a seasoned green-thumb, we invite you to take part in a project to grow and share food from seed to plate.

Each season, seeds that are ready to sow will be made freely available through the Food is Free stall. We will run a propagation workshop to help you get started, and provide instructions on what you need to do to help your seedlings grow. Once the seedlings are ready for transplanting, you are invited to bring any surplus back to the Food is Free stall for redistribution. Another workshop will put you on the right track for having the best success with your plants and getting a good yield. Once the produce is ready to harvest, you are again invited to bring surplus back to the Food is Free stall to share. Around this time there will be further workshops for preserving, recipes, and seed harvesting so the cycle can begin afresh. Each season, the cycle will start with new seeds that are suitable for immediate planting.

This project will be launched with a seed propagation workshop on Saturday 11th March at 2pm at the Dereel Community Centre. Come along to share your expertise, or to get some pointers on how to start.

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