Food is Free Dereel

Food is Free program launches in Dereel
Food is Free program launches in Dereel

Have you heard of the Food is Free global project? Perhaps you have seen the stalls at Food is Free Laneway in Ballarat, or Food is Free Smythesdale. Well, it’s coming to town. Food is Free Dereel will be launching on Saturday 11th March around 2pm. The stall will be set up on a bench under the verandah of the Community Centre, facing the playground. Since the stall is outside, any available produce is always accessible.

It’s all about sharing.

If you have spare food, plants or produce that you are happy to share, please bring it along and leave it for others at the stall. Note that only plant-based goods can be left, excluding bread or other produce that may attract rats.  Offerings at the stall are freely available to anyone, so come by and take what you can use. By giving and receiving you are taking part in building an even more supportive community.

Find us on Facebook at Food is Free Dereel

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