Learning Games

Learning Games on Tuesday 21st February.
Games to help develop number sense and aid basic computation
Tuesday 21st February 5.15pm.

By Erin Gallagher

Would you like to help your child to have success in mathematics?

Would you like to help your child be confident in basic computations at school? Research suggests that parent/carer attitude towards mathematics can be critical in the success of the student. So let’s start the year off well by putting a positive spin on mathematics by playing some simple games that have great mathematical benefits.

This session is for parents or carers of students and will show you a handful of quick and simple games that you can play with your student to help them develop or consolidate number sense and basic arithmetic and calculation – without needing a calculator! Students of any age can be accommodated for, even if you have very young children, I have some very simple games for early learners.

It’s time to break down the barriers and show that everyone is able to access mathematics. Even just 10 minutes a day has been shown to dramatically improve a child’s confidence in basic computation and understanding of number, variations can also be made to make games that can challenge and extend even the most proficient student. Play at the breakfast table, or in the afternoon after school, you can even play at the Dereel Hub Cafe on a Saturday afternoon!

This session will take just 45 mins and you will take away some simple ideas, games and strategies, free tea and coffee and afternoon snack provided.

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