Saturday 8 October Intro/Info Session: Essential Oils


Essential Oils For Health and Longevity
Presented by Clio Ellis-Perez

Bookings via Facebook Event Post or email
Cost: Gold Coin donation

Known for their power since the Pharoahs of Egypt and rediscovered during World War II in helping the wounded. Essential Oils are becoming more and more evident as amazing tools for our health and longevity.

This session will be an exploration into what makes an essential oil effective and useful; and how we can become more self-sufficient in taking care of our wellbeing with their help.

We will look at which oils are best in strengthening our various physical systems – such as cardiac, respiratory, immune, digestive, nervous etc. How to use oils safely for ourselves, our children and our pets. And what other uses they may have in our home and garden environments, as well as how they can assist us in our mental and spiritual endeavours.

There will be several oils to experience and discuss and a small free sample will be given to all attendees.

Clio Ellis-Perez is a Board Certified Polarity Practitioner and Registered Polarity Educator. She worked for almost twenty years in a Holistic Clinic in New Jersey USA as a clinician and has been involved with using therapeutic grade essential oils during that time.

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