New Program Intro/Info Sessions

The new program of Introductory Information Sessions run by local people for local people is underway.  All sessions are two hours in length and are for
beginners. The session will give you a brief overview of the topic including things you need to know or equipment you will need to get started. Presenters are all volunteering their time. They don’t get paid.

Bookings are essential for these sessions. The cost is a gold coin donation to cover room hire.

The following sessions are confirmed:

Saturday 8th October—2pm to 4pm
Essential Oils
Presenter: Clio Ellis-Perez

Saturday 15th October—2pm to 4pm
Putting on a Theatre Performance: How We Did Captain Cat.
Presenter: Kim Stanley

Saturday 22nd October—2pm to 4pm
Keeping A Creative Writing Journal
Presenter: Lisa Hunter

Saturday 5th November—2pm to 4pm
Coffee: Barista at Home
Presenter: Richard Emery

Saturday 12th November—2pm to 4pm
Orchids that Live in Dereel
Presenter: Emily Noble

Saturday 19th November—2pm to 4pm
Securing Your Property
Presenter: Rick Olsson

To book your place please:
go to the Dereel Spokes Facebook Event Page
or email

Planning Future Info/Intro Sessions

We would like the Info/Intro Sessions to be an ongoing program, with topics appropriate for the seasons. If you would like to run a session, or you would like to learn about a specific topic, please let us know. In particular, we would like to incorporate sessions about self sufficiency, gardening, cooking and art. If you can help with this, please get in touch.

2 responses to “New Program Intro/Info Sessions”

  1. […] The full program of Intro/Info Sessions can be viewed here – please book into one that interests you. […]


  2. […] already been trialed in Dereel, such as the Homework Hub on Tuesdays during school term and the Introductory Information sessions, a program based on local residents running one two hour workshop each.  What else can we do? […]


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