Dereel Community Garden – News


By Robyn Miles

Things are starting to happen around the Hall. You may not have noticed but the Dereel Community Gardening Group have been working feverishly on the next phase and you should start to see small changes.

Spring has sprung and we are all in a rush to get our garden beds planted out with our summer salad crops. If you have got over excited and bought too many seedlings we would love to add them to our plots. If you have a green thumb or ever wished you had a green thumb we would love you to join us in these exciting times.

Want to be involved?
Our next get together will be on Wednesday October 19th at the Dereel Hall at 7.00pm through to 8.30pm. We would also like to identify members of the community with knowledge to pass on to all of us: in particular, grafting or propagation. The group would like to keep you all up to date via the Dereel Spokes newsletter and we hope you enjoy the changes.

We will be having a 2 hour working bee sometime in November, the date will be published in  Dereel Spokes after the next meeting.

If you would like to contact the group to make a donation of seeds/seedlings or time, phone/email Robyn Miles on 0409 802 756 or

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