Free Community Tutoring


Are you a school student? Do you have a child who is?  Or, are you competent in an academic subject at primary or high school level? Would you like to help a school student to learn?

If any of these descriptions fit you, we want to hear from you.

We are calling for people who are interested in community tutoring sessions, one evening a week at the community centre.  The idea is that students would be matched with tutors for a subject they would like help with.   This could occur on any given evening. The benefit for students is that they can get guidance in a wide range of subject areas, as needed.  Tutors will have the opportunity to share knowledge in a subject they understand well.  Parents gain support in increasing the academic achievement of their children.

If there is interest from both students and tutors, we will progress with this initiative as a community project.  Logistical concerns, such as working with children checks and public liability, will be addressed.  We anticipate a gold coin donation (where affordable) to help cover venue hire costs.

Please contact us at if you are interested. Include your name, contact details, subject areas and whether you are interested as a student or tutor.  Please include the age of the student if you are enquiring on behalf of a student.  Also, please also let us know which evenings and times would work for you.

Let’s help each other in learning.

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