Dereel People – Ruth Georgalas

Ruth Georgalas

1. How long have you lived in the area?
For 30 years. I had five kids and I thought it was a great place to bring them up—with sheep, goats, pigs, cows etc.

2. What’s great about living here?
The fresh air, it’s quiet at night, and you can see the stars.

3. What do you feel passionate about?
Nature—the animals and trees..

4. What do you find joy in doing?
Messing about in the garden, in the mud.
Also going to community events. I need to be with people.

5. What is your current pet project?
Getting better. Getting over cancer. Getting on top of it.

6. What community groups are you involved in and why?
Before I got ill I was in CERT and the Walking Group.

7. Tell us about your best community experience.
Just being involved.

8. How could you see more of this happening in Dereel?
That’s a hard thing. If more people would just get involved with the community…

9. Describe a future vision of Dereel that you would like to see.
If I had a magic wand? Having a little shop where people could buy petrol and just get together and have a yarn. Getting the new Hall going would get everyone here again..

10. What would we do as a first step to realise that dream?
Invite people to come up! Especially the younger people.

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