Interested in Dereel’s History?

Did you know that land was put aside for a cemetery in Dereel, but it was never used?  Or that Dereel was once known as Spring Creek?  Do you know where the main gold diggings took place in the 1850’s or where the original town centre was located?

To find out more about Dereel’s history, come along to the Hub Cafe on Saturday 25th June at 2pm.  Julie Donaghy will be sharing her knowledge of Dereel’s history, with the intention of holding a history based meeting on the fourth  Saturday of every month.  If you have knowledge or artifacts related to the history of Dereel, come along and share the story.

2 responses to “Interested in Dereel’s History?”

  1. Andrew Willox Avatar
    Andrew Willox

    Can I contact Julie Donaghy in some way as I missed the first lecture on Dereel’s history. Does she have a transcript of her lecture?


    1. Hi Andrew,

      The history session at the Hub Cafe was informal and involved many documents. The people who attended asked questions – often about the area around their own property. The maps were many and varied. Collectively, it was possible to see how boundaries had changed, as well as buildings which had come and gone.

      The next history activity will be at 3pm on Saturday 23rd July, and if the weather is friendly, will involve a walk.

      Please let me know if you would like me to pass your contact details to Julie.



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