Local Plan Species: Parsons Bands Orchids (Eriochilus cucullatus)


Typically, Parsons Bands Orchids (Eriochilus cucullatus) appear after the first heavy rainfall of Autumn. While Dereel had only seen some slight showers this Autumn, it seems to be enough moisture to enable this orchid to flower. I have found a few in the last couple of weeks, but they are not plentiful. They also don’t last long – perhaps something is eating them.

Parsons Bands Orchids are approximately 5cm high (the whole plant) and appear after the first heavy rains of Autumn.

This Parsons Bands orchid is small. The entire plant will be somewhere between  5 cm and 15 cm high, with white petals approximately 2 mm wide. You need to look carefully in sheltered bushland to find them. The ones I have found seem to be beneath or near bracken, sometimes growing alongside moss.

I have found Parsons Bands Orchids growing wild in sheltered bushland, often beneath bracken fronds.



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