DCHI Member News: GPS Arts Trail – Michelle DeGroot


DCHI Member Michelle DeGroot is participating in this year’s Golden Plains Arts Trail, held on the coming weekend, 19th and 20th March.

We asked Michelle about her art practice and her exhibition:.

  1. What inspires you to create?
    I love different textures and fibers and live to see them come together. When i see animals or photos that have been taken with different textures or emotions i paint them.
  2. Which artists have inspired you as you developed your skills?
    I have been inspired by many artists and have no specific favourite artists. I love the artists who really capture the emotion of the moment they are painting.
  3. You have a number of different art forms. Do you begin a work with the medium, or does the subject matter lend itself to a specific medium? The subject always tells me what medium to use. What comes first?
    Yes I use soft pastels, fabric, threads, fibers and paints .I choose a subject then i choose a medium and then create from there. Normally it comes to life as i progress.
  4. What is your favourite medium right now and why?
    I have two:  The first one is the combination of fabric and threads because it’s so versatile. Secondly i love the soft pastels as you can really get a feel for the subject.
  5. What does the Arts Trail mean for you as an artist in Regional Victoria?
    It means i get a little bit of exposure and helps with confidence building and keeps me wanting more.
  6. Where are you exhibiting this year?
    I’m exhibiting my work in Venue 23, the Courthouse Hotel in Smythesdale.
  7. What can people expect to see when they arrive at your stop on the Arts Trail?
    I am exhibiting mostly soft pastel paintings and some fabric items for interest.


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