DCHI Member News: GPS Arts Trail – Caroline Everett


DCHI Member Caroline Everett is participating in the 2016 Golden Plains Arts Trail, held over this weekend, 19th and 20th March.

We asked Caroline about her art practice and her exhibition at the Golden Plains Arts Trail:

  1. What inspires you to create? 
    Nature and the environment. I can’t improve on nature with my artwork but just being able to reproduce something almost as beautiful gives me a thrill.
  2. Which artists have inspired you as you developed your skills?
    Hilary Jellet, (my aunt) who is an artist in Geelong and Bev Jacobs from Cressy.
  3. You have a number of different art forms. Do you begin a work with the medium, or does the subject matter lend itself to a specific medium? What comes first?
    I like to try doing the same subject in different mediums but usually it will scream out at me that it needs do be done in a particular medium. What usually comes first is “I really have to draw that” and while drawing a sketch, it becomes clear that it needs to be drawn in more detail or painted to make it more realistic.
  4. What is your favourite medium right now and why?
    Right now I am very keen on graphite and watercolour. I have recently discovered the wonders of photography too so it’s often hard to decide. I will take a photograph of something and I get excited and want to either paint or draw it too.
  5. What does the Arts Trail mean for you as an artist in Regional Victoria?
    The Arts Trail is a wonderful opportunity for me to show my work. I am happy to take commissions so it gets my work out there. It’s also a great way to get a bit of an idea of what other artists are doing too.
  6. Where are you exhibiting this year?
    I will be exhibiting at the Corindhap Hall in Halls Road – Venue 17 on the Gold route.
  7. What can people expect to see when they arrive at your stop on the Arts Trail?
    People will see lots of drawings, photographs and a few paintings of animals and birds. I am sharing the space with Yvonne Lehey who also does animals and her style is quite stunning and very different to mine, so it will be a very animal oriented display I suspect.
  8. Is there anything else you would like to share about your art?
    I am addicted to art – it’s like oxygen for me. If I’m not creating, I’m not living! I don’t want to be cured of this addiction – it’s exciting.
‘Wrens at Sunset’ by Caroline Everett, Venue 17 on the 2016 Golden Plains Arts Trail.

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