At the Hub Cafe this week: Coffee 101


Have you ever wondered  why the same coffee can taste different each time you make it?  Come along to the Hub Cafe at 2pm this Saturday 19th March to find out.  From toddy to espresso, try the same coffee made eight different ways using eight different pieces of equipment, all do-able at home.   Also see the way coffee is roasted.

Everyone is welcome to attend this session – you don’t have to be a member of the Dereel Community Hub Inc to attend, and it is completely free.

DCHI Member Richard Emery of The Bean Barn will be running the session. Richard outlined some of the other things which will be covered in the session::

“”Coffee 101 will provide you with an introduction to specialty coffee. We will cover a basic history of coffee and how coffee came from Africa to the world—from Ethiopia to Yemen to Europe, to India and Java then to the Caribbean.
We will move to harvesting and preparation and then roasting which is where the magic happens. Of course we will also be tasting coffee during the afternoon so come prepared for fun and games on Saturday 19th March from 2pm.”

Coffee making equipment



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