Let’s Start Talking

It’s up to us, as a whole community, to decide what we want for Dereel.  It’s going to take a lot of talking, exploring ideas and thinking about what is important to us.  It’s our town, hence our responsibility – and opportunity – to make of it what we will.

We are asking YOU to take the next step in this conversation.  We would like you to interview a loved one young or old, a neighbour, or a local resident you just met and ask them ten questions:

  1. How long have you lived in the area and what brought you here?
  2. What’s great about living here?
  3. What do you feel passionate about?
  4. What do you find joy in doing?
  5. What is your current pet project?
  6. What community groups are you involved in and why?
  7. Tell us about your best community experience.
  8. How could you see more of this happening in Dereel?
  9. Describe a future vision of Dereel that you would like to see.
  10. What would we do as a first step to realise that dream?

Make it about them, give them time.  Ask more about their answers.  Keep focused on the positives.  Be open.  Listen closely to them.  Then when it’s done, turn the tables and get them to interview you.

Take notes during the interview and then send a copy that they are happy with to dereelspokes@gmail.com or 2857 Colac-Ballarat Road, Dereel.  Tell us who the interviewee is and if they are happy to have their answers published, or would prefer it to be treated confidentially.  We find the face-to-face interviews very rewarding on both sides, but if for any reason this doesn’t work for you, send us in your own answers anyway.  Or come along to the Hub Cafe 2-4pm Saturday at the community centre and ask for help.

This information is the foundation for moving towards a vision for our town and everyone deserves a say.  There will be more opportunities to participate in the process, but these interviews will set the broad direction, so make sure to share your story.  If you would like to join the steering group, active participants are always welcome, so let us know.DV_progress_1

The plan for this community conversation is:

  1. Gather Stories: interviews across the community to give each individual a voice
  2. At Our Best: distil a clear, informed statement of what we already do well; the positive foundation of our community
  3. Imagine Dereel: focused around an open, public workshop; envision an elevated future that builds on what we have and what we value
  4. The Way Forward: identify and prioritise initiatives that move in the direction of the vision; launch projects to deliver them

We know that this is a new approach, and not the way things are typically done.  But we believe that the effort will pay off many times over in building a stronger and more connected community.  Let’s make this journey together.

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