Dereel Hub Activities


Hub Cafe Opening Time Change

We’ve noticed that the Dereel Hub Café gets busy just before we’re due to close at 2pm, so we’ve changed the opening time. The Hub Café now runs each Saturday from 2pm to 4pm
The later time slot offers us an opportunity to run activities for like-minded people. We hope there is something here to interest you. If not, contact us to discuss other options.
There is no requirement to be a member of the Dereel Community Hub to attend these sessions. All of the Dereel Hub activities begin at 2pm unless otherwise stated.

13th February: Photography

Join Paul Squire, professional photographer and new Dereel resident , for some photographic fun.
Whether you are just learning how to use a camera or you are a skilled photographer, come along to discuss the possibility of meeting regularly.
Paul aims to set up a safe environment for people to learn new skills, share interests and techniques, participate in regular photo challenges and go on excursions to locations where these skills can be practiced.

20th February: Dereel Greenthumbs

Come along to share knowledge, stories, plants, produce and anything else related to gardening. On the Dereel Greenthumbs afternoons, we will discuss things like:

  • What is wrong with my soil?
  • Why won’t things grow?
  • What does grow well in Dereel?
  • How can I grow this plant?
  • I water and water and my soil is still dry. Why?
  • How can I improve my soil?
  • Is this a weed?

Do you have questions to add to the list? Maybe you want to swap seeds, plants or produce. This is the day for you! We hope to develop this into a monthly meeting.

27th February: Books and Writing

The growing size of the book collection in the Dereel Community Centre indicates that there are a few readers amongst us, and perhaps some writers as well. If you’re interested in talking about books and writing with others, we would love to see you at the Hub.

Possible activities include journaling, fiction writing, poetry reading, book of the month and more.

Autumn Dates

19th March: Coffee 101
2nd April: Browns Toadlet information session

More information on the Browns Toadlet information session will be published soon.

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