Accessing Support for your Mental Health

Melissa Harris, Mental Health Recovery Worker with UnitingCare will be at the Dereel Community Centre on Tuesday 1st December from 9am until 2pm to provide information about the services provided, along with mental health tips and general discussion.  If you would like to chat with Melissa about your personal circumstances, she will be able to support you with a referral to the ACSO intake system and subsequently to UnitingCare or the MI fellowship.

Information provided to Dereel Spokes by UnitingCare Ballarat follows below:

female-counsellor-with-female-client-seated -on-couch
UnitingCare Ballarat provides free Mental Health Community Support Services.

UnitingCare Ballarat Mental Health Community Support Services is a free and voluntary service that supports people aged 16 – 64 years with a mental illness who are experiencing difficulties with their mental health. Our team aims to positively support you as you learn about the effects of mental illness and its management through your own unique situation by providing a person centred care approach.

Because we recognise each person and their situation is unique, our service offers a choice of pathways for you to contribute to your own recovery. Support is planned and provided on an individual basis which allows us to assist you to identify and make changes you want to make in your life. Our team fully encourage recovery following a mental illness; promoting community involvement, participation and acceptance.

Programs include regular visits and support from a mental health support worker and activities where you can meet other people, learn new skills and link into your local community including recreation and employment possibilities.

To access UnitingCare Ballarat’s mental health services contact ACSO Connect on 1300 022 760 for intake and assessment. For more information about UnitingCare Ballarat’s mental health services visit:


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