Way, What and Why

Every community has a distinctive culture: the way things are done; the way people interact.  Often these ways aren’t noticed because it’s just how things are to us – for better or worse.  In establishing the Hub, we decided to make a conscious choice to embed the sort of culture we wanted to be part of, to reflect the best of who we can be as human beings.  We want to create a safe place to support each other in flourishing.

The Dereel Community Hub Inc. upholds particular values in the way we do things:

Creative Freedom – each is a creative agent deserving acceptance and support to fulfil their own being
According to Need – take only what is needed to bring the most benefit where the need is greatest
Open Hand, Open Mind – welcome without prejudice, share openly and listen to each other
Appreciation – make the best of what there is, enjoy its abundance
Constant Refinement – accept and analyse what is, learn and grow from its experience

The values we chose are intended to shine a light that we can aspire to, and give us guidance when we are unsure or uncomfortable with what is happening or how to respond.  They are the reference for our policies, our decisions and our interactions.   The wording of each value is intended to be both inspiring and actionable, to provide clear guidance in how to translate them into action.

The values are the Way by which we accomplish our mission of strengthening local community through cooperation.

One response to “Way, What and Why”

  1. […] DCHI members commit to support the Mission of strengthening community through cooperation.  In all interactions relating to the association, we commit to upholding our Values: […]


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