Our Banner: The Nodding Greenhood


The Nodding Greenhood has long been associated with Dereel.  Shortly after I moved to the community a friendly local gave me a small sewing repair kit with Dereel and a Greenhood imprinted on top.  In local meetings, people talk about plans for marking this association in a more public way – through signs, or walking trails, or sculpture.  It therefore seemed fitting to show a Nodding Greenhood in our Dereel Spokes banner.
Flowering in Winter and early Spring, when many other plants die back, the Nodding Greenhood (Pterostylis nutans) can easily be found in the bushland areas of Dereel and surrounds.  The size of the plant can vary a great deal.  I’ve seen some as small as 5cm high and others 30cm tall.   Often Nodding Greenhoods grow in patches.  Seeing multiple curved heads among blades of grass, beneath bracken fronds, or emerging from fallen bark is always a joyous experience.


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