Dereel Writers Group

Sitting down to write in the morning with a fresh, fragrant coffee is one of life’s pleasures. Photograph: Copyright to Lisa Hunter, 2014

In 2014, a call for people to share skills with others in the community went out.  Each person would only need to run one two-hour session on something they were passionate about.  I put my hand up to run a workshop in creative writing, focusing on journalling.  My workshop attracted a small but enthusiastic group of people who were eager to keep writing and reading.

As a group, we’ve looked at fiction writing techniques, the steps in the heroes journey, sources of inspiration including books, music, objects, images, the environment, memories and writers we admire.  We aim to include everyone’s interests and explore a great range of creative approaches to writing.  Each session includes some writing exercises, a discussion and for those who wish to share our writing, the opportunity to read aloud to the group.

New members are welcome, so if you have a passion for writing, or if you are just curious and want to find out, please join us!  The Dereel Writers Group meet at 7pm on the last Tuesday of every month.  Contact Lisa Hunter for more information using the form below.


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